Gough Whitlam Womans Rights

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  • Published : November 28, 2010
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Gough Whitlam came into office toward the end of 1972. He was the first Labor Prime Minister in 23 years, and he arrived in the position keen to bring about a number of reforms and a new, progressive approach to the Australian national identity. Whitlam had already reformed the Labor Party's policy platform prior to coming to power, and as Prime Minister he established new Commonwealth bodies to deal with Aboriginal and Environmental issues, introduced free university education, and ended conscription. His term in office was cut short in November 1975 when he became the only Prime Minister to be removed from office by the Governor-General.

Gough Whitlam also established another policy being that woman get equal rights like men do. Before the policy got undertaken, woman had minimal rights. Woman didn’t receive equal pay which meant that many woman were suffering from unemployment. Woman also didn’t work because there was no benefit from working. As well as not receiving equal pay, if woman were to work, they couldn’t work in designated ‘men only’ profession areas. Not only did woman have no rights, they were being sexually harassed or abused by ‘superior’ males, and discriminated in education and all that happened just because they were woman. Before the policy was applied, woman weren't even allowed to receive loans if they were single, couldn’t go to university, or even make decisions about their own bodies. That all changed.

Basically, men and women had well defined roles. Woman stayed home and looked after the house and the children while the men went out, worked and earned the money for the family to live off, you could call then men the ‘breadwinners’. When Gough Whitlam became the Prime Minister of Australia, he changed the rights for woman. He implemented equal pay for woman which then influenced more females to work and enjoy the benefits all other males enjoy. Woman enjoyed being employed and working which then lead to many more woman entering...
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