Gothic Horror Essay

Topics: Wuthering Heights, Dracula, Horror and terror Pages: 4 (1590 words) Published: July 1, 2012
How does Algernon Blackwood use the conventions of Gothic Horror to create a sense of fear and horror in “The Kit Bag”?

Gothic Horror is a genre which tries to create a sense of fear and horror in the reader. Writers of gothic horror use a number of conventions to achieve this. Some of these include setting, the supernatural, isolated hero, the climax and sound. In 'The Kit Bag,' Blackwood uses a number of these conventions to create a sense of horror.

The setting in gothic horror is used to create a sense of horror and tension. The setting in gothic horror is usually very dark and mysterious so that it creates the sense of fear and the unknown. In 'The Kit Bag' Blackwood writes 'There was not a stick of furniture large enough to hide a dog.' When he says 'not a stick of furniture' it suggests that the rooms are completely empty and the little furniture that is in some rooms, are just simply so small compared to the size of the room he describes them as 'sticks'. The last part of the quote states that there is not a piece of furniture 'large enough to hide a dog' and this implies that all of the furniture in there is so thin and petite that not even a dog could hide itself from sight. The fact that the rooms are so large and the furniture inside the rooms are so small, it creates a sense of loneliness and that if anything was there, there is nowhere for you to hide. This would make the reader feel trapped, and in danger and therefore creating the sense of fear and horror that Blackwood is trying to create.

Another gothic convention is the idea of the isolated hero. This is seen in 'The Kit Bag' when Blackwood writes ‘Who’s there? he called again, in a voice unnecessarily loud and that only just held firm.' When he writes 'Who's there? He called again,' implies to the reader that he has already asked this and there was no reply, which creates the sense of fear of been alone, and trapped. Also in the quote when he says 'in a...
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