Gothic Horror Brainstorming

Topics: Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Robert Louis Stevenson, Novella Pages: 2 (601 words) Published: March 15, 2009
Both have sophisticated languageJekyll and Hyde Is a novella while Medea is a play Both use many language techniquesJekyll and Hyde is horror while Medea is fantasy Both are engagingJekyll and Hyde is very mysterious and very suspenseful while Medea is very planned out. Both written long agoJekyll and Mr Hyde ended with the bad guy dying while Medea finishes with the bad person walking away alive. Both contain moral messagesMedea has unhappy ending while Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde has happy ending. Both have books have deaths and dramaBoth have a protagonist and antagonist Both books are a tragedy Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde the perspective is that of Mr Utterson while Medea has a different perspective. Both books have commonIn Medea God has power while in Jekyll and Hyde people have power. Both have many similes and metaphors to describe certain characters and scenes.Medea is dialogue driven, Jekyll and Hyde has dialogue and description. Both have supernatural themes (Medea is daughter of a God and Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde the potion.)Ancient Greece VS 19th Century. Both have theme of powerJekyll’s sins lead to a forfeit of his life, Medea’s does not Both have theme of revengeMedea

Both tell us about human nature.Jekyll and Hyde is written by a newspaper Medea is a part of mythology
Good VS Evil, internal good and evil (everyone has weaknesses; Medea has jealousy weakness.)Women have more power in Medea than Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Both have murders, violence and suspense.In Medea the protagonist is the perpetrator of bad deeds while in Hyde the preventer. Both have magical potions.

Theme of “savage” among society

Think of the consequences before you act (Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Medea) •Don’t meddle with human nature (Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde) •Avoid the temptation to give into our dark desire (Dr Jeyll and Mr Hyde, Medea) •Don’t trust your enemy/ strangers (Medea)

Do not anger the God’s (Medea)
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