Gothic Fiction

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  • Published : October 9, 2011
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Gothic fiction combines the elements of Horror and Romance. This genre consists

of fear, darkness, heroes, villains, and love. If you ask me those are very contrasting

subjects. The name “Gothic Fiction” comes from medieval architecture. That is why this

style of writing took place mostly in the medieval era. The writing style puts emphasis on

atmosphere, using its surrounds to build suspense in the reader. Horace Walpole is

believed to be the inventor of the genre. His first book he wrote was “ The Castle Of

Otranto.” There are many authors around the world who enjoy writing this genre.

One of the two main elements in Gothic Fiction is Horror. The book “ Frankenstein”

is a perfect example of which Horror and Romance come together. The author will paint a

picture in the readers mind using imagery. Imagery evokes the five senses and involves

you more in the story that is taking place. Frankenstein was written by Mary Shelley, she

composed this story at the age of 19. In this story Frankenstein is a horrific looking

monster that is given a heart that only desires to do good deeds. Through out the story

Frankenstein scares people off and unintentionally scares people off. Through out this

novel the elements of horror and romance are made more then clear. There are many popular

authors who write Gothic Fiction. Mary Shelley is just one of the many talented successful


Gothic Fiction is a genre that’s combines horror and romance. Through out Gothic

literature you will feel uneasy and suspenseful. As you can see not many genres are like

this one. It places special emphasis on elements that are not normally put together in a

story. Mary Shelly did a sensational job at putting a story together that made two

contrasting elements mesh. Frankenstein I most of the most popular gothic Fiction stories

read today. Edgar Allen Poe was...
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