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Topics: Wuthering Heights, Gothic fiction, Byronic hero Pages: 8 (3173 words) Published: April 11, 2013
The Women in Black, Wuthering Heights and The Bloody Chamber are texts that challenge and conform to dominant ideas concerning the female role and femininity. In The Women in Black Jennet Humphrey challenged female role conventions before and after death. Before death she challenged it by having a child outside marriage which was not approved in the Victorian age and was not allowed however she challenged it after death by coming back as ghost asresult of her grief’s and pain that she suffered after her son’s death. she returns to real world again to get revenge against her sister and all the other local people’s healthy child further more by coming back to take revenge breaks society’s norms and values and also the fact she have evil power as on that time women were men’s property, which adds to their being a women u were expected to be modest, shallow and beautiful. However in the bloody chamber the mother portrays a very strong female character as our protagonist narrator is in distress and trapped of being killed after defying her husband and opened the locked room and find out her husband secrete “the bloody chamber is the Marquis's chamber of torture and death. When the heroine finds it, she puts herself in danger of being killed but also gains the knowledge to prevent her death. As Moore states, the key to the bloody chamber is "the key to her selfhood" this can tell us that by disobeying her husband she found out about her planned death by her husband and our narrator is a victim that need rescuing as in most fairy tale it’s the prince or males that saves the damsel in distress characters usually but how ever Angela cater skilfully tried to get rid of this stereotype of the female damsel in distress characters by challenging the female role as her mother rescued her daughter from decapitation and lived happily ever after as a widow further more in wuthering heights Catherine Linton is a strong wild spirited women but at some times can be illogical with her decision making. She does not fit in the role of the normal female character and cannot fill in society’s expectation. With her being the traditional damsel in distress as she cannot choose between Edgar and Heathcliff as she wants both of them in her life and thinks she can have both of them. She was wrong, being in damsel in distress. It’s hard to judge who the dragon is and who the slayer between the two was. This line shows her struggle and her ignorance and gives the reader the sense that she whole life revolves around her. She liked the attention that she got from this predicament and will continue to get until it finally killed her. Furthermore in Wuthering height’s Catherine and Isabella, Bronte offers a radical challenge to the convention assumption. Since rather than being offered in marriage by their fathers, as part of an economic transition, they both attempt to manipulate the parameters of the exchange. Nevertheless, this manipulation is doomed to failure, since the dominant discourses required their submission; a submission can be read a ultimately leading to their death. In women in black had no control over herself and this lead to her having a relationship and child outside marriage. The consequences of her action lead to her death and her child being taken away from her by moving away from the convention. Another concept of gothic is the expression of deep desire and sexual danger. In women in black the women sexuality is very powerful as the women in black have no control over her lust and gives in, as women were not expected to do such action and sexuality is something they needed to keep under their virginity was their acid, beauty and value. Once you lost it then u have lost your honour.” Find quote about sexuality”. More over in the bloody chamber, the man have the power and he abuse that power in away taking the young’s by marrying them firstly and after attempt to kill them, treating them as if they are not human and...
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