Goth vs. Emo

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Goth does NOT equal whiny and antisocial

Once upon a time, there was a style of music and fashion known as disco, and it reigned supreme for some time while also giving birth to its relative opposite, the punk rock movement. Disco, for all of its decadent self indulgent glittery glory had an innocence about it, despite being a rather drug obsessed culture in the end. Punk was smarter, slightly more lucid, clearer, singularly focused on raging against the machine rather than worrying about approval, style or the cool factor. And that is precisely what made punks pretty damn cool. It was a cultural 180 degree turn away from the saccharine and sybaritic nature of the music and culture that came before was necessary and refreshing.

Then came the glow orange, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Rock Over London, Adam Ant, Duran Duran, Culture Club and our generation's British invasion. We had pop but we also had "new wave", which was the New Romantic boon that ultimately, when combined with the attitude and severity of punk, evolved into its own style and expression, Goth. The Goth crowd was generally too damn smart for its own good; too entirely aware of the hypocrisy and injustices of the world to be able to live with them quietly and nicely, and with a solid fascination for the shadow side of things. Fabulous 80s dance house hits like "Halloween" by Ministry expressed the inner angst and pride of a true Goth beautifully. I was drawn to this group of strange looking social misfits instantly, and my true inner nature has remained unchanged over decades of time and cultural change, even life experience. You can take the girl out of the Goth...

Even when I don't look apparently Goth, it's my nature, no doubt. A true Goth questions things, fights for what they believe in wholeheartedly and vents anger through creative expression; that could be music, photography, writing, painting, cultivating a certain look.

Within the Goth community there are...
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