Goth and Death Music

Topics: Rock music, Heavy metal music, Taking Back Sunday Pages: 2 (692 words) Published: March 4, 2012
Audrey Sketers
February 25, 2012
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Emo and Death Metal
One of my least favorite types of music is Emo music. The Emo genre shares its roots with many other musical genres of today. Its emotional roots come from the 80’s from bands like the Cure, and the Smiths. After nearly twenty years of developing, Emo has become a major genre in today’s musical society. The genre is based on capturing man’s emotional pain and putting it into lyrics; hence the title of Emo meaning emotional.

The most established type of pain in Emo is the pain of failed relationships between these male singers and the women in their lives. The artists present themselves from a lifeless position to display the pain women cause. “She’s the blade and I’m just paper” a lyric from the band Sugarcult, shows the emotion that the men place in their lyrics. The woman is the one that cuts him up; the woman is the one who is causing the problems. Sugercult is an American rock band from Santa Barbara, California formed in 1998. The band currently consists of Tim Pagnotta who sings lead vocals, and plays rhythm guitar, Airin Older who plays bass guitar, and sings backing vocals, Marko DeSantis who plays lead guitar, and Kenny Livingston who plays drums.

A band that shows the portrayal of men as the victim in the game of love is Taking Back Sunday. Taking Back Sunday is a rock band from Amityville, NY, formed in 1999 by guitarist Eddie Reyes. Current members of the band are Adam Lazzara who sings lead vocals, John Nolan who plays and sings lead guitar, back-up vocals, Eddie Reyes who plays rhythm guitar, Shaun Cooper who plays bass guitar and Mark O'Connell who plays drums. They fit right in with normal Emo genre, preaching “Don’t call my name out your window I’m leaving. I’m sick of writing every song about you.” Every time lead singer Adam sings this line he cries on stage. Have you ever heard of a genre of music so extreme it has been blamed for everything...
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