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  • Topic: Milk, Lactose intolerance, Dairy farming
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  • Published : July 5, 2005
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Got Milk? Well, Austin Powers, Tracy McGrady, Serena Williams, Britney Spears, and even Elvis all do. But, do they know what they are selling in this Got Milk? Advertisements? The Got Milk? campaign was based on a milk deprivation strategy that reminded consumers how inconvenient it was to be without milk. The advertisement made milk a very popular drink because of its attractiveness not because of the nutrients and health issues. It has been believed by many that milk is needed to have a strong and healthy body, when actually milk can be extremely harmful and the nutrients needed for a good body can be found in many other sources. Statistics show that milk consumption is on the rise in the United States since the Got Milk? campaign was launched. In 1993, 58.1 billion pounds of milk was consumed. It had risen to 59.5 billion pounds by 2002, an increase of 1.4 billion pounds (ERS, Animal Products Branch). Another factor causing the milk industry to grow is dairy farmers. They risk the collapse of their industry if the population does not consume enough milk. So, of course, the farmers are pushing us to drink not just one glass, but two and three glasses of milk a day. Their main priority is to make money by getting us to drink milk as much as possible, not to inform us that milk may not be all that healthy because we are not aware of the risks, we tip our glasses and drink up. Milk is not as nutritionally essential as it is portrayed, but rather it is harmful to our bodies. Heart disease is America¡¯s number-one killer. The main causes of this disease have been believed to be such things as smoking, stress, and even lack of companionship. However, according to an article in Earth Island Journal, milk consumption is probably the number one cause of heart disease. By the time the average American turns fifty-two, he or she will have consumed in milk and dairy products the same amount of cholesterol contained in one million slices of bacon ( ¡°Milk: The Deadly...
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