Gospel Response to Matthew 13: 24-30

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  • Published : February 5, 2012
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Gospel Response Paper
Matthew 13: 24-30
Parable of the Weeds

Amanda Gilmore
BIBL260 – The Life of Christ
July 11, 2011

Outline of Parable

Story Teller: Jesus
Audience: Crowd of gatherers
Major Characters: Owner of the land, Enemy
Minor Characters: Servants
Plot: Land owner sows seeds for a wheat crop when his enemy scatters weeds among his crop, which he refuses to remove. Conflict: An enemy sowing weeds between his crop and the landowner refusing to remove the weeds. The landowner realizes that removing the weeds could disturb the crop; however by not removing the weeds he could potentially sacrifice an entire crop. Setting: Jesus has gone out by a lake and has been followed by crowds of people. As they gathered around him, he decided to move in to a boat while the people remained on the shore. Jesus began to share many things by telling parables to those who gathered. Ultimately, he was comparing things that are familiar to those things that are not familiar in hopes to help his people understand spiritual truth.

The Parable of the Weeds has been a parable that I have shared with many friends and family members. My eighth grade chemistry teacher had this parable scrolled on one of our classroom walls. Beneath the parable it simply stated, “Patience is the mother of expectation.” He would often use this statement in his teaching, mixing it in with the patience of the expectations of a science experiment. Being one of two students in our class who was truly dedicated to learning the material and striving for a good grade, my teacher also explained to me that I was a tulip in an onion patch. The other students made it rather difficult to concentrate and study due to their lack of interest in their education. Therefore, I relished the statement and felt compelled to explore the parable behind the meaning. My take away from this passage is a multitude of points. Initially you are drawn to the fact that a farmer is not doting...
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