Gospel of Mark Response

Topics: Jesus, Gospel of John, Gospel of Mark Pages: 2 (727 words) Published: December 11, 2011
The Gospel According to Mark
The Gospel of Mark provides brief, concise parables to illustrate Jesus’s teachings throughout Galilee, Palestine, and finally Jerusalem. Jesus teaches the Gospel along his journey and gathers his twelve disciples, who are also devoted to spread the greatness of the Gospel. Jesus’s word spreads throughout the land and more and more people gather to witness his miracles and teachings. Through questioning, debating, and learning, the population can begin to understand what they think the Gospel teaches.

As Jesus begins to gain his first group followers, a number of fishermen, he demonstrates his authority by displaying his supernatural powers. Jesus heals a paralytic, a leper, and others who wish to be cleansed. Mark’s gospel shows that through these miracles, Jesus begins to stand as a strong figure of authority to the population. As one can imagine, these miracles drew great attention to Jesus. Many question his authority and wonder how he is entitled to preach the wishes of God. This causes him to become increasingly misunderstood, doubted, and even betrayed by some of his followers. Jesus continues to show his dominance over nature by calming a storm, exorcising a man, and even bringing a child back to life. Jesus instructs to a handful of people that he heals to not speak of his miracles, which further conceal people from fully accepting the meaning of his teachings. Still, some people do not trust Jesus’s power and continue to be skeptical. Witnesses accuse Jesus of disregarding traditional Jewish law. Jesus explains how one should not only follow the laws, but for them to be part of our intentions. Some people say that the gospels preach strict rules that are too numerous to follow, but this notion shows the importance of letting yourself live in God’s image rather than adhering solely to written rules. One must hold the commandments of God close to the heart to also uphold tradition. Additional miracles are preformed, such...
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