Gospel of Mark + Mathew

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The Gospel of Mark
Mark gospel was written to show that Jesus Christ is the messiah. The gospel of Mark explains who Jesus is as a person and what he is like. The messages of Jesus’ teachings are shown through what he did and said. Circa 55-65 AD was most likely the first gospel written since all but 31 verses are found in Mathew, Luke and John’s gospel. Mark gospel was written to inspire the Christians in Rome aswell as the wider church. The gospel of Mark was written in Rome. Jereusalem, Bethlehem, the Mount of Olives, Golgatha, Jericho, Nazareth, Caperneum and Caesara Philippi are place names in the book and also recognised in the gospel.

In Mark gospel, there are more accounts of miracles of Christ than in any other gospels. In this gospel, we see Jesus revealing who he is through what he does. Unlike the other gospels, Mark skips the birth of Jesus and goes straight into presenting his public ministry. The main thing in Mark’s gospel is show that Jesus came to serve on earth and gave his life in service for the benefit of mankind.

Mark’s literary manner is dull. The Gospel of Mark was the earliest written of all the gospel and was the most likely the key source of information for the writers of Luke and Mathew. The gospel of Mark is the nearest document of original source of information of Jesus life that currently exists. The assumed writer of the gospel of Mark, John Mark, was well known to Peter, Jesus’ closest disciple. The gospel of Mark is a dependable source of information for understanding Jesus’ life ministry and crucifixion.. The gospel of Mark is known as the most important books in the New Testament. The miracle stories in Mark become more complex, stressing the inhuman power of Jesus’ authority. Mark states that “ even wind and sea obey him” 4:35-31.

Mark can be divided into two sections, the first from 1:1 to 8:26, deals with Jesus ministry in Galilee, starting with John...
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