Gospel of Luke and Good Samaritan

Topics: Gospel of Luke, Parable of the Good Samaritan, Samaritan Pages: 2 (660 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Luis Valladares
Advanced Composition
Mrs. Torrado
Compare and Contrast Essay
A good Samaritan; Is the person who help others, without asking asking for something. They help because it touches the pain of others. The term comes from a Bible Parable. A good Samaritan risk his life to help others. The story talks about a man who was beaten and robbed in the roads of Jerusalem. And a good Samaritan had compassion of him and he help him.(source 1) In “ If Decency Doesn’t, Law Should Make Us Good Samaritans” (source 1) and “Good Samaritans U.S.A. Are Afraid to Act” (source 2) They have similarities and differences in their main ideas, Different arguments, and discussion of laws. The main idea of Source one, is teaching us a lesson about how to be a good Samaritan. This Happened in France with Princess Diana. She had a accident and paparazzi was just taking pictures and he was not helping Princess Diana, wild she was dying and he didn’t care he was just worrying for the pictures. Why we don’t help others when they need it. We don’t help because we don’t want to get involve if something else happened. We think we will get involve with problems, and that made us bad persons, we are not Samaritans. In the second Source “Good Samaritans U.S.A. Are Afraid to Act”. Yes for me and for other people, We are afraid to act because we are selfish and we don’t feel the pain of the other person. Another thing is that is not a obligation to help, so we don’t care.( Source 2) Another reason is that one can ignore the victims because they have no legal obligation to assist because the U.S.A. citizens will sue them for any damage they do for trying to help. And you don’t now if the person is feigning the injuries and it’s just trying to kill you or do bad things. This is another rason why people doesn’t help. (Gloria and Lisa Bloom P.G 334-335) The author makes a comparison between source 1, and source 2, Both are emotinal arguments. They...
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