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  • Published : February 17, 2013
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Gospel Of Biff Assignment
The book Lamb The Gospel According To Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal is a really great book that I enjoyed reading. It gives us a detailed view of Christ’s life, through the eyes of his best friend. The book begins with Biff meeting the savior, Joshua as a boy in the streets. The two children set out to find the three wise men who foretold the coming of the Messiah and were present at his birth. The two boys follow the Silk Road, which lead them to China and India. Along the way they learn about many different religions and run into the Hindu Goddess of Destruction, bandits, and even a Yeti.

The first wise man that they encounter is Balthazar. They learn that he is a magician and that is when Biff learns about Alchemy and about explosives. Biff learns this from the concubines, which are eight women. They teach Biff and Joshua studies, and Joshua learns about Taoism, which emphasizes living in harmony with Tao. Joshua then begins to integrate the three jewels of Taoism that are composed of moderation, humility, and compassion.

While they are with Balthazar, they are told to keep their distance from an iron door that they see. Biff and Joshua begin to experiment and find ways to open this door even though they were warned that if that door was opened, terrible things will happen. Biff finally finds a way to open the door, but he lets out a demon named Catch. The demon chases them out of Balthazar’s place while injuring Balthazar and killing all the concubines except for one. While Balthazar is passing away, he instructs Biff and Joshua to find Gaspar, the second wise man. Biff and Joshua learned to follow what they are told because a dangerous situation can appear out of nowhere.

On their search for Gaspar, Biff and Joshua make it all the way to the mountains of China. When they meet Gaspar they notice that he is a Monk from the Buddhist religion. They learn that Buddhism is a spiritual tradition that places an emphasis on the...
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