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 General Knowledge questions and answers on various inventions and discoveries in the world. These questions are important for various competitive exam point of view.

1) Who invented the telephone ?
a. J.L Baird
b. Alexander Graham Belt
c. Marconi
d. James Dewar
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Answer =B
2) Who propounded the Quantum Theory ?
a. Albert Einstein
b. James C. Maxwell
c. Heisenberg
d. Max Planck
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Answer =D
3) Who is the inventor of railway engine ?
a. George Stephenson
b. W.H.F. Talbot
c. Richard Trevithik
d. Eli Whitney
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Answer = C
4) Who is believed to be the father of Virology, i.e study of viruses and the disease caused by them ? a. Beljernick
b. Andre lwolf
c. Louis Pasteur
d. William Harvey
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Answer = A
5) Who invented the safety match ?
a. Humphrey Davy
b. Gillette
c. Landstorm
d. R.W. Thomson
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Answer =  C
6) Who among the following was propounded the theory that hysteria represented undischarged emotional energy ? a. William Harvey
b. Edward Jenner
c. Sigmund Freud
d. Johann Baeyer
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Answer = C
7) Who is the inventor of printing press ?
a. Johann Gutenberg
b. William Lee
c. George Eastman
d. R.W. Thomson
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Answer = A
8) Who was the founder of modern atomic theory ?
a. John Dalton
b. James Ritty
c. Ernest Walton
d. None of above
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Answer = A
9) Who invented Zero?
a. Aristotle
b. Bhaskara
c. Varahamihira
d. None of above
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Answer = D
10) Name the famous German physician who propounded the theory that "like cures like"? a. Frank Mores
b. Karl Landsteiner
c. Samuel Hahnermann
d. None of above
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Answer = C

Information technology multiple choice and objective type quiz questions and answers

1) Who invented microprocessor ?
a. Joseph Jacquard
b. Herman H Goldstein
c. Marcian E Huff
d. George Boole
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Answer =C
2) .INI extention refers to which kind of file ?
a. Image file
b. System file
c. Hypertext related file
d. Image color matching profile file
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Answer =B
3) Who built the world's first binary digit computer ?
a. Alan Turing
b. Konrad Zuse
c. George Boole
d. Ken Thompson
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Answer =B
4) What is VCM ?
a. Virtual Connection Manager
b. Virtual Channel Memory
c. Video Controlled Modem
d. Voice Connection Module
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Answer =B
5)  Who is largely responsible for breaking the German Enigma Codes created a test provided a foundation for artificial intelligence ? a. Alan Turing
b. Jeff Bezos
c. George Boole
d. Charles Babbage
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Answer = A
6) Who co - founded Hotmail in 1996 and then sold the company to microsoft ? a. Shawn Fanning
b. Ada Byron Lovelace
c. Sabeer Bhatia
d. Ray Tomlinson
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Answer = C
7) What was the first ARPANET message?
a. Hello world
b. Cyberspace, the final frontier
c. mary has a little lamp
d. Lo
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Answer = D
8)  Where are the headquarters of Microsoft located  ?
a. Santa Clara
b. Tucson
c. Redmond
d. Richmond
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Answer = A
9) What does DOCSIS stands for ?
a. Data over cable service internet standard
b. Data over cable security internet standard
c. Data over cable secure international standard
d. Data over cable service interface srandard
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Answer = D
10) Who designed the first electronic computer - ENIAC?
a. Von Neumann
b. Joseph M Jacquard
c. J.P.Eckert and J.W.Mauchly
d. All of above
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Answer = C

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