Gordon Parks

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  • Published : September 21, 2012
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I chose Gordon Parks because he was a noted African American photographer, filmmaker, and writer all of which i enjoy doing. I started by researching many famous photographers and later decided that Gordon was a great choice. I also considered that he was the first African American photographer to work at Life and Vogue magazines, and the first African American to work for the office of War Information and the Farm Security Administration. Also I was very impressed when i found out that he was the first African American to write, direct, and produce a film for a major motion picture company.

I feel that Gordon Parks should be considered a stamp because he was able to top rise from a childhood of poverty in a segregated society, yet he never exploited his background as justification for poor performance, also because he excelled in multiple artistic fields, and he used his creative talent to better the word around him. He contributed to society in many ways like when he composed an orchestral music and film scores, plus he wrote a ballet, Martin, about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. In addition he was the first African American photographer to work at Life and Vogue magazines.

Gordon gave so much to the world, even thought this world initially didn't give him much of anything. He gave back to the community through the interrelation of words and photographs in several other works; Parks continue to reflect on dialectic differences in human life and to contemplate their resolution. Thus powerful black-and-white portraits illuminate easy on African American prominent in the 1960's civil rights movement and on destitute Harlem family in "Born Black" . He focused on mature, romantic love, loneliness, beauty, childhood, aging, and death, both photographically and poetic images suggest a view of life transcending economic and racial oppression.

Life would be different without Gordon Parks contribution because we wouldn't have any of his writing, films, or...
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