Topics: Father, Family, Physical abuse Pages: 2 (496 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Childhood is an unforgettable part of our lives. However, not always are pleasant times. The family life of three of the child characters in Stephen King’s The Body have been very difficult. In fact, Teddy, Chris and Gordie have had deep grief and misery in their home life. Whereas Teddy was physically maltreated by an abusive father, Chris, being a smart boy, had assumed the bad family’s reputation and Gordie was entirely ignored by his parents. Teddy has had several severe abusive and physical problems in his brief childhood. First, Teddy has physical problems. He has thick glasses and poor hearing. His thick glasses do not always allow to him to see everything clearly, like big trucks, and his ears have been damaged. Next, Teddy has mental disabilities. Teddy can not focus for too long one idea, and he is older than his classmates from failing in school. Finally, Teddy had been practically abused from his father. When Teddy was eight years old, Teddy broke a plate, his father held his head on the stove until his ears were destroyed. As a result, the problems in Teddy’s childhood have affected his life now.

On the other hand, even though Chris is very intelligent, his family life is detrimental for him. First, Chris has an abusive and alcoholic dad. When his father comes to their home, he always is drunk, and when Chris has a bad behavior, and sometimes without a reason, his father hit him unnecessarily. Next, Chris does not have a good influence from his brothers. Chris’s older brother has always been in troubles with the law. In consequence, Chris had had a very bad reputation because of his family. Many people in Castle Rock think that Chris is like his family and he could soon became a juvenile delinquent, as when he was accused in the money milk case. Chris’ family is very dangerous for him although he is a very smart boy. Finally, Gordie’s brother’s death created a deep grief and misery in Gordie’s home life. Firstly, Gordie becomes an...
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