Gordian Knot

Topics: Alexander the Great, Phrygia, Gordium Pages: 1 (333 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Flavius Arrianus around the year 140 BCE wrote a book titled “The Campaigns of Alexander”, in which we find the story about the cutting of the Gordian knot. The document is one written for public history records, and is intended for anyone looking for information at the time is was written and today. The story begins with explaining the significance of a knot tied to a wagon called the Gordian knot, and the suspected oracle about the man who is able to untie it. When Alexander and army come into town during a campaign he takes it upon himself to undo the knot. Some say he cut it with his sword, others say he removed a pin to get it, all in all the knot was undone when Alexander left town. When Arrianus goes into such depth to explain the history behind the knot and all that power it is thought to have really helped put this into perspective. It showed the reason for retelling this tale, to add to the remarkable tale of Alexander. Alexander was not going to be stopped, and from this story that is confirmed by the way he over took the town and its oracle. Also, shown in this story is how Alexander only wanted to be the best, and was quite stubborn about it. Alexander’s other stops along his conquest and major battles as well as him turning back was the previous knowledge I had before reading. By knowing of his major campaign it was easy to know the attitude that Alexander was coming into this town with. Coming off previous victories Alexander came in with a steamroller attitude and that’s exactly what he did. To make this document more clear to me, I would like to have a visual of what the knot and wagon looked like, from the reading it was hard to picture. A secondary source or drawing from the time would help which can be found on the internet or a book.
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