Google World

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  • Published: January 18, 2013
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Google World
Anyone that is connected to the Internet is likely connected to Google. Some people feel threatened by Google’s world expansion, but that is a natural progression for a business that is improving the world. Google shares its success with the world and provides free access to information. The company’s ambitious mission depends on innovation and trust to be successful. Contrary to what critics are saying, Google is not a monopoly, the claims have no grounds and truth prevails. Google gives back to the world with Google Books, Google Ideas,, and other efforts. Regardless how people feel about the company, the facts conclude that Google is making the world a better place. Introduction

Anyone that is connected to the Internet today is likely to be also connected to Google in some way. Google has become a word commonly used around the world, and for years the company has been a subject of much ongoing debate and criticism. Topics range from monopolizing the Internet, to collecting user data for deceitful purposes, to plans of taking over the world. Critics have basically framed Google as a monopoly that cannot be trusted. People are hungry for information. With today’s technology and rapid access to information, there is a high demand from people to have instant answers to everything at their fingertips. Interesting enough, the same people are suddenly concerned about privacy when Google collects information about online habits to provide a better service. Is this collection of information any different than an employer’s requirement for employees to complete a job application or a financial institution researching a customer’s financial status before approving a loan? Critics argue that Google is taking away privacy and monopolizing the internet, but Google is actually improving the world by simply organizing information and delivering useful products. Some people may feel threatened by Google’s expansion around the world, but...
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