Google vs. Bing

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Bing Vs. Google

Over the past couple of days, I have been using Google and Bing to search for the same various topics to see if there were any differences and ultimately define which was the best search engine for me. I found that when I was looking for information or researching, I preferred Google to Bing ultimately because of the layout and ease. For one of my tests, I searched the word “Penguins”. I found that I preferred the layout of Google because it was cleaner and helped me stay on task. When I was using Bing, I felt a little overwhelmed with all the information that I was given on the results page and I ended up being pretty distracted by the tweets on the right hand side along with videos Bing suggested I look at. However, information wise, I found that both search engines gave me sufficient information, not one being better than the other.

Some other key benefits I found that Google has that Bing does not is the “I feel lucky” button. This allows you to save that one more extra step by taking you directly to the most popular page for what you’re searching for. Google also allows you to remove certain older searches from the drop down list with one easy click on the “remove” button. Another benefit Google offers, is the ability to preview the search results without leaving the main results page. Finally, my favorite is the homepage where they change the word “Google” into different fonts, formats and games everyday.

Because I own a Mac Book, and I use Chrome to do my entire web browsing, searching on Google has become second nature to me. I use Chrome because it starts up quickly. It also allows me to type anything into the URL address box and Chrome takes me directly to Google with the results. Although I will continue to use Google, I do believe that Bing can catch up to Google in search perhaps through disruptive innovation or exposing the search engine to the younger generations early on. If Bing were to create a search engine to compete...
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