Google Translatation Versus Manual Translation

Topics: Translation, Machine translation, Google Pages: 13 (4323 words) Published: May 25, 2013

A. Background
As an EFL student, we are demanded to understand the language that we study about. Part of it that our book’s resource use the language that refer to, in our case it use English. So, it makes some obstacle in understanding the material of that books since our first language is not English. Come to think of it, most of the EFL student make they own way to fulfill the demand using the tool that help them in translating the book. This tool became popular among students nowadays. It helps the student to get through their assignment especially in Writing and Reading Assignment. It is very simple because they are just copy the material and paste it to the tools and like an “abracadabra” of Harry Potter, the text changes into our language. It becomes worrisome, because it against the notion about “Academic Reading” which is based on how we understand and translate into our language. For an Academic, it is pitiful to fully use the tools rather than manual translate which is more accurate and help us to increase our capability in translating from one to the language that referred. Therefore, we are very concern about this phenomenon in the translating field. Especially this tool that become more popular because some advantages. One of them is the practicality of time and this tool is very easy to use. The impact toward student is quite distinct which makes student became lazy to translate it by themselves. For the extent, it makes their ability in language become decrease especially in translating and reading. Here, we connect the translation and reading because when we are translating a text, we are reading the text automatically. So the effect is very large. Is it really worrisome? Considering that we are a college student who demanded to be excellent in all field of language. B. Formulation Of The Problems

1. What is translation?
2. What are kinds of translation?
3. What is Google Translate?
4. What is the difference between using Google Translate and doing Manual translation? 5. How do both of them influence the way student translate English into Indonesian? C. Aims Of The Writing

1. To understand the meaning of Translation
2. Be able to distinguish between kinds of Translation
3. To know what is Google Translate and Manual Translate
4. To understand the phenomenon about translation using Google Translate compare to do manual translate. 5. To understand the influence of both of them toward the students preference toward how to translate. D. Methodology

This paper is made by using qualitative approach. The method that is used is descriptive method. We will explain the surface of translation and its phenomenon about Google translate crystal clear and fully understanding. Theoretical data is from some resources such books, article and literature that related to the problem. The data is processed by using content analysis technique through the exploration of the data and apply it in the context of this paper.


A. Definition of Translation
Brislings (1976:1) defines translation as follows: “translation is the general term referring to the transfer of thoughts and ideas from one language (source) to another (target), whether the language are in written or oral form, whether the language have established orthographies or do not have such standardization, or whether one or both language based on signs, as with signs languages of the deaf”. In his definition, he gives wide coverage in translation. He includes transferring thought and ideas to sign language of the deaf or uncommon language in translation. By dictionary definition`, translation own or another’s language (the Merriam Webster Dictionary.1974 in Larson, 1984:3). This definition covers wide circumstance. It is not only changing from one` language into poem, or one’s feeling into the music, etc. Schulte and Biguenet (1992:145) call this situation...
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