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1. Summary

In this report we have chosen to analysis the innovation that is the ‘Google Search Engine’. We have chosen to base our report on the Google search engine; a revolutionary innovation that has transformed the way in which the internet is used.

1.1 Introduction

Google began life as a research project between two Stanford University graduate students, Larry Page and Sergey Brin in January, 1996. They hypothesized that developing a search engine that analysed the relationships between websites would be more effective than merely counting the words on a page. Thus, the Google search engine differs from other search engines as it uses a programme that checks the amount of back links to a page, therefore assuming that those pages with most links are the most relevant. This theory soon turned out to be an effective reality and Google now account for approximately 75% of all web searches (

2. What makes Google an Innovation?

We have already discussed how the actual Google search engine works differently to others, but not mentioned any of the other factors that make it an innovation. As a company, the mechanism of Google’s strategic advantage has roots in “Reconfiguring the parts of the process” (J,Tidd et al). In Google’s case, this was simply redesigning the existing search engine model, while also providing unique search facilities and advertising solutions. Listed below are some of the contributing factors that make Google an innovation.

Adwords – These have been designed for advertisers who want to reach a qualified audience as efficiently as possible. Here advertisers select their own target keywords and only pay when customers click on their ads. The advertisements appear on goggle search result pages and on thousands of other partner sites. This is Google’s only method of advertising and they are strongly opposed to banner advertisements and pop-ups. •Book search – Allowing users to search and view selected pages from actual books. The service then refers users to web pages to purchase the book online, if you wish to. •Word definitions – Allowing users to easily define words and phrases. •Froogle (Product search facilities) – A section of the Google search engine which allows users to find information about products online, before directing you to the specific merchant. •Local Search – Allows users to search locally for services such as plumbers and restaurants, providing them with maps ad directions. •Search by number – Telephone area codes, tracking numbers and Vehicle ID numbers •Site Search – Allows users to Search within one specific sites e.g. University of Plymouth

2.1. The search engine industry before Google

Before Google came along companies such as Yahoo, Ask and MSN were the main market leaders, but there were also a lot of smaller companies making up the rest of the industry all with a more equal market share as there wasn’t one market leader that was dominant in the industry. The search engine industry was completely transformed when Google was launched as they changed the way in which we search; for example the market leader before Google, Yahoo only offered user’s one standard search. Now with Google’s innovative technology uses can search within specific areas/ languages etc.

2.2. The Impact of the Google search engine on the industry.

As previously explained in the section above in ‘Google’s competitors’, Google accounts for just under 50% of the market share. This statement itself justifies Google’s impact on the industry. In this section we will identify and analysis how Google have managed to achieve such an impact and how they remain competitive.

How have Google managed to achieve an impact on the industry?

Since Google launched in 1996 as ‘back rub’ it became apparent that this innovative technology would take off. The first major sign of this appeared a year later when ‘back rubs’ reputation grew and a huge...
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