Google Plus vs. Facebook. Whose Winning?

Topics: Facebook, Social media, Instant messaging Pages: 2 (697 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Google Plus vs. Facebook, Who’s Winning?
By Griffyn Carpenter

Not too long ago we all became aware of the new social media craze that had everybody buzzing. It was told to us to be better than Facebook, and a ton better than twitter so of course we all had to check it out. I mean if it is better than Facebook come on whom would not look at it right? In 3 months Google plus has managed to gross over 25 million users which makes it the fastest growing social media platform so far that we have seen.

They each have their own pros and cons but it basically comes down to what you prefer the most. One aspect of Google plus that I found very cool was that you can have circles of friends and you can place people in the circles that you wish. I have labeled one circle strictly for “family” another strictly for “friends” and lastly one strictly for “basketball and golf”. You can also choose whose statuses you choose to read, if you are tired about hearing about the annual family cookout on Google plus you can switch from your “family” circle to your “friends” circle and see what they are doing at the moment. I thought that the circles aspect of Google plus was something awesome and something I think will eventually draw tons of users in. Another pro about Google plus is you can limit the people who see your statuses. For example if you don’t want your parents to see the stunts you tried to pull last night, you can restrict your statuses to people who are strictly in friends circles that your parents are not. This would have been incredibly useful in my younger teenage years, but o well I got by. The last thing that I found awesome about Google plus is the video chat feature that they have. The video chats are run through Skype and can potentially link you with 10 different users during a call. This could be very useful for friends and large business conference calls.

Facebook also had a lot of pros that Google plus does not. People who are avid users of both sites...
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