Google Organisational Structure and Culture

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  • Published: November 21, 2011
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What are the main factors/HRM procedures that have contributed to the success of Google? Organization’s success is gauged by its performance and performance of organization by its employees. We can see that an individual and the organization are inter-related and interdependent. The link between individual and organization is HRM and managers. Hence, the performance of organization depends on the people it recruits and the managers who diffuse work to teams to produce positive outcomes that contributes towards the success of organization.

Figure:1 Illustrating the Interdependency and Inter-relation.

The factors that have contributed to Google’s success are:

← Attraction selection attrition (A.S.A) – Organizational Level (OL) ← IQ and Big 5 traits in employees – Individual and Group Level ← Job Satisfaction – Individual Level (IL)
← Organic Structure – Organizational Level
← Leadership – Group Level (GL)
← Motivation for employees – Individual Level via Group and Organizational Level ← Reflexivity among team mates – Group Level

Attraction Selection Attrition (A.S.A):
The point to be noted in the following explanation is the inter-relationship between A.S.A and IQ & Big 5 traits in employees. Google while hiring its employees is very selective and attract candidates who have performed well academically and have good scores on SAT, GMAT or other competitive exams which proves*(Gottfredson L.S., (2003), quoted in Robbins S.P and Judge T.A 12 ed., p.44-45) that their IQ level is high. The reason Google considers it important is because it is proven that these tests test the intellectual abilities of a person. A few dimensions for intellectual ability have been identified, which include number aptitude, verbal comprehension, perceptual speed, inductive reasoning, deductive reasoning, spatial visualization, memory*(M.D. Dunnette, (Chicago:Rand McNally, 1976, quoted in Robbins S.P and Judge T.A 12 ed., p.45) obviously not all...
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