Google: Managing Change and Creativity

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Managing Change and Creativity

A report examining how the concepts of creativity and innovation are relevant to Google, Google’s organizational structure and its impact on creativity, the company’s culture and values, in addition to how Google copes with change and manages it, and, finally, the challenges faced by the number one search engine in the world today and in the near future.

I. Executive Summary
II. The Role of Creativity and Innovation at Google
III. Google’s Organizational Structure
a. Description
b. Its impact on creativity
IV. Google’s Organizational Culture:
c. Description
d. How it fosters creativity/innovation at the workplace e. Specific corporate values that encourage creativity/innovation V. Change at Google (1998-2010)
f. Internal and external triggers of change
g. Examples
VI. The Challenges Google Faces
VII. Conclusion
VIII. Bibliography
Executive Summary:
To fathom the size, importance, and impact of Google is no easy task. This start-up search engine has made its way into our daily lives and even into our speech. Today, most people use the word “Google” as a verb meaning to search on the internet (the word has actually been incorporated into the Merriam Webster Collegiate Dictionary). As a matter of fact, Google represents the world’s largest Internet search engine. It provides its end-users with the most useful and relevant information from over eight billion web pages. It generates revenues by providing online advertising for businesses. In response to its competitors, Google has also launched an array of new products/services such as Gmail, Google Earth, Android... The success of Google is not random. It is traced back to several factors that have been carefully manipulated and managed. Google’s organizational structure and culture greatly foster innovation and creativity. The latter have been crucial to the company’s success. They have allowed Google to constantly satisfy its end-users, and even to delight them at times. Just like any other business, Google has undergone many changes as a result of internal and external triggers. The company’s prompt adaptation and clever solutions have propelled it further ahead from its competition. Today, Google keeps on overcoming the many challenges it faces and continues to reign the vast search kingdom.

II. The Role of Creativity and Innovation at Google

Two of the most important prerequisites for the long-term success of a business are the concepts of creativity and innovation.   According to Wikipedia, creativity is defined as a mental process involving the discovery of new ideas or concepts – or new associations of the already existing ideas or concepts – fuelled by the process of either conscious or unconscious insight. True creativity makes the impossible possible. Henry Ford once said: "If I'd listened to customers, I'd have given them a faster horse," and the T-model would have never seen the light. According to Marissa Ann Mayer, vice-president for search products and user experience at Google, creativity can revolutionize a product, a business, the economy, and the world around us – just like Henry Ford’s creativity did. Innovation, on the other hand, can be defined in several manners. On the whole, innovation is the formation of a new idea, method or device.  As stated in BusinessWeek, innovation today is much more than novel products. It is also reinventing business processes and building totally new markets that meet customer needs. Businesses have to choose and implement the right ideas, while bringing them to the market in record time.   One of the most creative and innovative businesses in the world today is Google. The company regularly ranks among the Top 2 most innovative companies in Business Week’s annual survey. It’s no surprise! Google is an exceptional business that manages its innovation in a very...
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