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Topics: Management, Larry Page, PageRank Pages: 2 (292 words) Published: May 27, 2013
* Google was elected as a best company to work for in 2013 by Forbes. It means that Google has most attractive managing method for employees compared to other companies. They use unique managing method in company’s operation which other company don’t do. Therefore, I would like to research about their managing method. The first is Company’s over view that includes their mission statement and their corporate philosophy. The second is management method that includes management for employees and manager and their unique management method. The third is how to manage their managers who lead a team. My purpose of this research is revealing how Google mange their talent employee to create good web service.

Company’s over view
Culture of Google
Mission statement
Google's corporate philosophy

* Body
Google’s management method
Management for manager
* 1. Google’s quest to build a better boss
Unique management methods
* 1. Google’s 80/20 “innovation time off” (ITO) model * 2. Larry Page (CEO) (L-team and shuffle)

How Google mange their talent employee to create good web service. Analytical Summary
Thesis Reworded
Concluding Statement

Steve Denning (2011). Google: Rethink Your Mission. Forbes. Google. Ten things we know to be true. Google homepage. Adam Bryant (2011). Google’s Quest to Build a Better Boss. The New York Times business days Bharat Mediratta. (2007). The Google Way: Give Engineers Room. Miguel Helft. (2013). Larry Page shuffles management, product groups at Google. CNN,
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