Google Inc. Case Writeup

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Google Inc.

Pick the top 3 factors/actions/strategies that Google took advantage of that you believe were critical in Google becoming a platform leader in its business ecosystem, and explain why you picked those. 1-Constant innovation:

Constant innovation is a core to Google’s business and success. In every stage of company’s operations and strategies innovation plays a significant role. From very tough interview and hiring process to the 20% time projects, the importance of innovation and engineering brilliance is obvious. This innovation allowed Google to become the market leader in many areas. Other players trust Google as a dependable company with very capable workforce that has a significant effect on the future of the internet. The constant development of core businesses (search and online text advertisement, AdWord & AdSence) along with expanding it into new areas (e.g :display advertisement through doubleclick and mobile advertisement through Admob) created a competitive advantage and almost a monopoly in online advertisement ecosystem. Google’s innovative solutions and platforms such as AdServer, AdExchange and adword and content networks facilitate the relationship between advertisers (buyers) and publishers (sellers) 2-Market domination in a very high margin core business:

Google spends a lot of resources on research and innovation which in some cases seem to be too far fetching and futuristic. The 20% time project allows for engineers to test their ideas and creativity to further increase Company’s success. Google Labs create and test market creative ideas. All these require vast resources that cannot be afforded by most companies. Google’s main source of the revenue, online advertisement, is a very high margin business. Through putting advertisement on the left hand side of the organic search results on Google web site as well as by intermediating between publishers and advertisers created complete market dominance on the online...
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