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Topics: Google, Human resources, Human resource management Pages: 9 (3416 words) Published: January 17, 2011
Google has a unique approach to everything that it does and its approach to Human Resources Management is no exception. “Ranked by Fortune Magazine as the best of the 100 best companies to work for,” (Book 712) Google seems to be excelling at Human Resources by taking an unconventional route to getting the job done just like their business decisions. One of Google’s methods is to correlate personal traits from employees’ survey answers to actual performance and then using the collected data to screen job candidatesRecently, Fortune Magazine released it’s “100 Best Companies to Work For 2007″ and Google’s Mountain View, California campus was number one. Their employees are exceedingly loyal. “A team of wild horses couldn’t drag me away,” says one employee. They’re even more than willing to work all nighters without question. Google emploeyees work very hard but their work environment is catered to keep them happy and also have the kind of environment where people can think of new ideas. Free meals from 11 on-site gourmet restaurants and snack rooms all over, complete with cereal, candy, fresh fruit, cappucino makers, the works, An on-site fitness center, complete with weigh room, lap pool, personal trainers and massages. Five on-site doctors and, you guessed it, all free, Game rooms that include pool tables, foosball, ping-pong, and arcade games. Rock-climbing walls, beach volleyball and roller hockey twice a week in the parking lot. Engineers can spend 20% of their time at work on independent projects. Employees can bring their dogs to work, so long as their co-workers don’t mind, the dogs are not aggressive, are free of fleas and the owners clean up after them. Pajama day, TGIF parties every week and charity events on-site, Six weeks paid sabbatical available for every 6 years an employee works there (537 employees took sabbaticals last year). Free car washes and oil changes on-site. If an employee wants to buy a hybrid vehicle, Google will give her $5,000 toward it. They also provide free Wi-Fi enabled coach buses from five Bay area locations. Free on-site salons and barber shops. A $2,000 reward for referring new employees. Google will reimburse up to $500 in takeout for the first 4 weeks of an employee’s maternity leave. Available resources to study 4 foreign languages: Madarin, Japanese, Spanish and French. Free on-site laundromat and dry cleaning. On-site childcare. Motorized scooters for on campus travel in style (and speed). A founders award, up to millions of dollars (literally), for new program ideas and designs.Google receives an average of 1,300 resumes a day (up to 1.1 million a year) for an average of only 2,229 available jobs a year. And Google doesn’t pay for all of these incentives out of their allotted administrative expenses. It all comes out of the company’s profits, which were over $6.1 billion in 2005.Mamy businesses can learn from google’s practices, and I believe the most important one is to make the work environment somewhere people atleast are comfortable and feel positive about their job as well as the company. In the end,even after spending much more money Google has made it worth it by producing record profits. The employee loyalty and productivity which Google gains from the HR policies they follow are truly making a difference.Human Resources specialists are more important in business strategies today for this very change in market dynamics – more so in the present economic situation of a global recession and downturn across industries and sectors. The focus has turned on HR Department at every organization – the survival lines are running drier with every passing week at the trading markets the world over, and the aim is not only to see through the recession, but more importantly4, to ensure employees are still committed to the organization. HR development acts as the mentor5 to its employees – guiding, training and educating them in the way of the industry and the...
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