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I) ATTENTION GETTER: What if you could operate a computer system with only voice commands with no actual machine to be seen around, and what if I told you it is possible? This new invention is going to change our way of using technology and accessing information over the web will be drastically altered.

II) THESIS: This brings me to my topic Google Glass. While looking through the glasses, you can access the web and research all the information u need by voice commands.

III) PREVIEW STATEMENT: Today, I will briefly introduce you to Google Glass. I will tell you about its benefits and future implications. But first of all let me start off talking about its design and features


I) According to TNW Academy, Google Glass looks like a pair of normal glasses but the only difference is, it has only one lens, which is on the right side and it is a half-inch display. You can operate it with voice commands and has a scroll button on the side with which you can scroll through pages. It has been designed by Google and it costs $1,500 to buy and it will be in the market by 2014.

II) Lets now talk about the features and benefits of Google Glass. * Google Glass can benefit us by acting as a personal assistant. Which means, instead of a keyboard conversation, it will be more of a natural conversation. * Displays information in Smartphone-like format, which is completely hands-free. * It can interact with the Internet via voice commands and receives data through Wi-Fi, which is perfect for people who have their hands full. * It has a GPS chip which helps you get to your destination, this is also beneficial for outdoor activities. * And the very fun part is it records a 720p HD video, which means you can now travel light. How cool is that?

III) So, in the future, as people use Google Glass, privacy will become a serious concern. * This is because Google Glass will also have an automatic picture taking mode, snapping pictures...
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