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Topics: Technology, Glasses Pages: 2 (741 words) Published: October 20, 2013
How many of you have heard of a secret facility called Google [X]? Have you ever wondered about driver-less cars or accessible internet for everyone on the planet? These are the types of “moonshot ideas” that Google’s secret facility has been working on over the last decade. One of their recent technological developments that has caught my attention is called “Project Glass.” This is a research and development program that has created the revolutionary product known as “Google Glass.” Today I am going to share with you the ideas behind the soon to be released product, as well as some technological features that can completely change our wireless human interaction as we know it. Google Glass looks and fits similar to a pair of reading glasses. (point to corner) The small glass display sits in the top right corner of the frame to stay out of your line of sight. Google glass displays information just like a smartphone would although this device is completely hands free. Well how does this thingy majig work then? Any guesses? The answer is voice. You can simply communicate with the internet through the sound of your own voice. When the device finds the answer, it communicates the information to you in a slightly different way than a phone does. Instead of going through the ear to the brain like a traditional cellphone does it uses the bones in your ear. (Point to right side) This earpiece conducts sound through the small bones in your ear to your cranium. Pretty nifty eh? Let me give you an actual example. Let’s say you’re chillin’ in the grass out front of library here. A question pops into your head: How tall is Mt. Sopris? You control it by saying, “Ok Glass, how tall is Mt. Sopris?” (Bing) Google glass shows the answer in your small viewable display, 12,966 ft. Well sweet, that was easy! Now Austen is probably going ask the question, how do I get there? I wanna ski that face! It’s easy, just remember to say “Ok glass, direct me to...
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