Google Glass’ Exposure Before Its Official Release

Topics: Google, Camera, Fashion Pages: 4 (1136 words) Published: May 10, 2013
Google glass’ exposure before its official release
Roy Zhang
On June 28, Google unveils its Project Glass Demo at Google I/O in San Francisco. The attendees watched a real-time video taken by the Google’s Project Glasses that were worn by a group of skydivers who jumped from an airplane. Google Project Glass is a motion-sensitive headset integrated with GPS capabilities, voice command, camera and many other features like in your smartphones. Although still in the development stage, the Google Project Glass has aroused people’s huge interests and it will be available to developers in 2013 and consumers in 2014. Last week, Google Project Glass made another appearance on the Diane von Furstenberg’s show at New York Fashion Week. Besides being color-coded to match the model’s outfits, the Google Project Glass also took a short behind-the-scenes video on first-person view of the designer.

Overall Goal
Raise the awareness of Google Project Glass among people, link Project Glass with fashion to send the message that it is leading the fashion and technology, stimulate their interests in the new product, collect feedback information from public and media, make improvements according to people’s opinions and expectations before it is officially released, and then increase sales. Strategy

Increase exposure of Google Project Glass, raise awareness of the new product and enhance people’s sense of expectation.

Show the first-person-view films taken by Project Glass on the Internet. Cooperate with fashion designers and let people see Project Glass on fashion week.

Statement of problem/opportunity
As the first wearable computers in the form of glasses, the Google Project Glass represents a new front in the ongoing tech device wars. No earlier examples can be followed, and people’s daily behavior could be changed significantly by introducing the new technology. It can open a huge market, but whether people will accept and like it is hard to...
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