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Topics: World Wide Web, Internet, Web page Pages: 1 (367 words) Published: February 20, 2013
Google is a search engine which is aimed at many different audiences. Thousands of people use Google per day, ranging from children, to even people who are retired. The purpose of Google is to provide people with a means of searching through the vast amount of data on the internet. Google has a range of presentational features in its homepage. As you can clearly see the main thing in the search engine is the logo which is centred at the top of the page. As you can see the logo is themed, evidently towards Halloween, as it was Halloween on that day. This clearly stands out as the title of the page, and it’s clear and simple. It is usually block coloured which helps to give the sense that the website is simple to us. Google is an extremely simplistic website and the white space helps to show the basic-ness of it. There are also hyperlinks at the top of the website which clearly stand out. They are in black which contrast the white background and the links are in white which help to make it stand out. They are clearly labelled and the hover over colour is grey showing that it is actually a hyperlink. The bar of hyperlinks is quite thin at the top, so it does not overtake the page but you can still clearly see it. There is not much text on the webpage which gives it a professional outlook however Google holds billions of pieces of information. The search bar is of an adequate length to type in a detailed search however it does not take over the page. There are also two search options, ‘Google Search’ which is the normal search option and ‘I’m feeling lucky’ which takes you to a random page. These are both centred in the page underneath the logo with a small gap between them making the page look professional. This also helps to give the page its credibility. There are also so less important links at the bottom of the website, this blends in with the white background but you can still see them just not as vividly as the links at the top.
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