Google Company Culture

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Company Culture

Google has a culture very different from traditional corporations. A relaxed work environment adopts the philosophy of creativity and uniqueness shown in the company’s products and services. Google’s corporate website stats “We hire people who are smart and determined, and we favor ability over experience.” Rather than the traditional corporate ladder, an employee who works for Google can present new ideas their first week. Google:

Avoid beauocracy so people can do what makes sense. Encouraged to work on what they think is important. Can come in first week with a good idea, if people agree than you have a say immediately Dry cleaning, laundry, dog care, flexible schedules, organic foods, meet in the different food courts

I was on the website and I made a decision to buy.
He pulled out his laptop showed me the business plan and I made a decision to buy. Do a video that captures people attention. Use an archetypical story. I want you to tell other people to pull out credit card and buy. Confidently tell them. Chris Record: Get a testimonial from everyone in the video:

Someone who cares about the world.
Social Person – At Event…
Aaron Rashkin – Talk with Certainty – Speak with a lower tone and confidently. i.e. Bob Kumer
Tony Rush – Tonality sounds trustworthy. You have to be yourself. Be yourself takes pressure off.
Who’s your ideal prospect. Who are you talking to.
Imagine a prospect that’s frusterated. Shoot a video that matches where they are emotionally. It was frustrated. There’s a lot of stuff out there.

Products and Services
Google started out as a search engine in 1998, originally called, Back Rub. Back Rub provided accurate search results based on the number of other sites that had links going to another site.
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