Google, Apple, Microsoft Case

Topics: World Wide Web, Internet, IPhone Pages: 2 (484 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Google, Apple, Microsoft Case
1. Apple is the leader in mobile software apps, thanks to the popularity of the App Store for its iPhones. They are also working on the front line of mobile computing. Apple has had enormous success in the Internet era, thanks to devices that they provide. They also have a loyal customer base that is always growing and continues to buy the new Apple products. Another reason for their success is because of the App Store. Google also has a dog in the fight when talking about mobile internet. Google is known for their supremacy in the search engine market. Google is aggressively attacking the mobile computing market when they acquired Android, Inc., the developer of a mobile OS. Google continued to develop Android, adding features that were unavailable to Apple users. Because of their Internet search engine they have a huge advantage in advertising. Microsoft is the leader in PC operating systems and desktop productivity software. But with this being said they have struggled in pretty much everything else they have tried to venture into including: smartphone hardware and software, mobile computing, cloud-based software apps, and more. 95 percent of Microsoft’s revenue comes from Windows, Office, and network software. Microsoft has had some success in the search engine market continuing to grow. 2. Mobile computing is rapidly gaining more use then a traditional desktop. Research had been done and predicts that by 2013, mobile phones will surpass PCs as the way most people access the Internet. They have also shown that by 2016 mobile devices will account for nearly 25 percent of all searches done on the Internet. Mobile computing is so important to these three companies because there is a lot of money out there to be made in mobile computing. Microsoft’s mobile OS is far below Google’s Android OS and Apple’s iOS. The Google and Apple platforms by have a more superior app store and functionality. 4. In the struggle for mobile...
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