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  • Published: December 10, 2012
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Table of Contents

History and Nature of Google
Business Strategy and Model
Macro Environmental Analysis
Five Forces Model
Financial Analysis
SWOT Analysis
Work Cited

History and Nature of Google
Google Inc. is a technology company focusing on the following key areas: search, advertising, operating systems and platforms, and enterprise. Google has an index of websites and other online content, and make it available through its Google search engine to anyone with an internet connection. Larry Page (Co-founder and CEO of Google Inc.) and Sergey Brim (Co-founder of Google Inc.) met in 1995 at Stanford University in Palo Alto California. Page was a 22 year old University of Michigan graduate considering the school and Sergey was tasked with showing him around. In 1996, Larry and Sergey now both computer science graduate students, begin their collaboration on a search engine originally given the name BackRub. The search engine operated on Stanford University Servers for over a year until it took up more bandwidth than the university’s likings. In 1997 the duo determined that the search engine needed a new name. After some collaboration they established the name Google. Google was a play on the word “googol”, which is a mathematical term represented by the number 1 proceeded by 100 zeros. Google defined Larry and Sergey’s mission to organize what seemed to be an infinite amount of information on the web for public access. In 1998, Sun Microsystems Co-founder Andy Bechtolsheim invested $100,000 into the non-existent enterprise Google Inc. Google filed for incorporation in California on September 4 of this same year. In March of 2001 Erich Schmidt was named chairman of the Board of directors. In the same year, Google goes international and opens their first overseas office, in Tokyo. Google goes public on August 2004 with an Initial Public Offering of 19,605,052 shares of Class A common stock which took place on Wall...
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