Google's Core Competences

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Core competencies and capabilities of Google:-

Glocalization – think global, act local

Google is available in 160 different local country domain and 117 languages. While Google is available virtually everywhere there is internet access but operated in only 20 countries. Google is still working to establish a significant business presence in places such as Middle East. As they are expanding their operations and hire their first employees in another country, that part of Google feels like a startup. They have started with the idea of eclipsing the impact of Google itself while focusing on more philanthropic causes. Though they are working on extremely tough problems in difficult locations, they have made significant pace. They have established several main focus areas, including predicting and preventing disease; improving public services by informing and empowering people according to the locations; and increasing economic growth and job creation through stimulating small and medium enterprises. (Taken from Google annual report. pdf)

Simplicity and flexibility

One of the foremost attribute of any site would be ‘KYC’ or ‘Know Ypur Customer’s’ philosophy. Based on the analysis of user demand, Google is able to fine-tune its services and also quickly launch sites in new locations. In testing times, Google has become something of a symbol of prosperity & success. Google proposes an “almost joyous antidote to mediocrity” by adhering to some basic principles which other site group were not able to hold in their strategies:- 1.Don’t over promise.

2.Make money wisely.
3.Do not be afraid to experiments.
Five years ago there were hundreds of firms that shared Google’s determination but harsh reality is that now hardly any of them remains. This prompted some to predict that no internet firm would ever turn a profit. But through a winning combination of simplicity & flexibility Google is able to sustain its success. Years199920002001...
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