Google's Channel Strategy

Topics: Marketing, Customer service, Competitor analysis Pages: 2 (692 words) Published: November 20, 2012
Google’s corporate strategy can be divided into four segments: Product and Marketing strategy, Competition strategy, Growth strategy, and Financial strategy. Google has a strategic orientation of immediate policy focus, for example, the company’s concern for competition associated matters. In other words, Google is more inclined to find the need to beat rivals rather than being held up with a strategic policy. Therefore, product orientation strategy has an immense predisposition to identify faults and space of rivals and getting in there to diminish the competition. They are also highly focused on which segments of the mass market are neglected and would afford their products. This includes whether to expand in a certain region or pull out of an area due to failure to achieve set goals. The marketing strategy is influenced by the approach of product placement. Google would like to make the glasses accessible to everyone. It is a device that can be used by the mass market and Google has the background and tools to market successfully to those targets. They want to make it usable for all groups and that means making the device simple and easy to use. Google’s growth is immensely mounting and is directly associated with the managing of customer relations. Google’s made a great choice to grow through their customers because their technological capabilities such as detection of bad practices, customer feedback, information management and result analysis have improved greatly through staying connected to a loyal customer base. Through the eyes of the customer, Google has matured through new products and services such as Google Calendar, Groups, Gmail, Docs, Mobile, Maps, Blogger, and more that have all successfully given the customers their satisfaction. Their growth ties in with their devotion to focus on the user and having all else follow. Google knows that they are a Search Company first. This means that Google recognizes what they are best at, and to do that...
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