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Topics: Smartphone, Android, Google Pages: 3 (750 words) Published: November 21, 2010
Individual Assignment no.2


Course Title : Product and Service Innovation[BIZ3182]
Instructor : Sung Joo Bae, Assistant Professor
Student name : Su Hyun Yoo, #2008122320
Submission date : Oct/5th/2010


In September 24, 2008 T-mobile G1 was introduced to the market. Some are saying that Google phone may be more of a game changer from an industry perspective. Will it be successful in the smart-phone market? Google’s main source of revenue has been the advertising products based on the internet. Some may ask why did dive into the mobile phone industry with the huge risk. The reason is that their business model in based on the internet, and it is moving its main territory from desktop to mobile. There was huge growth in mobile telecommunication market. Firstly, the annual market growth rate is 13.5, and market size is expected to reach 5.4 billion by 2011. Secondly, demand variety exists by geography and wealth. Smartphone segment is 13 percent of all mobile sold in 2008, and expected to grow to 619 million in 2012. Android, a company making OS for mobile phone, was sold to Google in 2005. In November 2007, Google announced partnership in the Open Handset Alliance(OHA) and the first release of Android as an open source mobile OS for smart phone devices. In 2008 G1, the first smart phone embedded with Android OS, was unveiled to the market. The main difference of Google’s Android is its openness.

Analysis of the problems
1. FORKING means its vulnerability to the fragmentation and the possibility of modification of the system in non-compatible way by the competitors and outsiders. 2. KEEPING A LOYAL DEVELOPER COMMUNITY is the problem of continuously attracting qualified developers, since the identity of the developer is blurred due to its openness. 3. WARRANTY ; There can be a problem of finding the responsibility when a bug or error appeared inside...
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