Goodnight Mr.Tom

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Chapter 1:
1. William was being sent to Mr.Tom because William used to live in the city and it was bad there. So he was forced to live out in the country and his mom wanted William to live with a man who was religouis, so she picked Mr.Tom. 2. William has been hit a lot and told that he has been bad when he really isn’t. 3. We see that William’s mother was abusive and a liar to William. 4. Sammie is Mr.Toms dog and I think that Sammy will play a very important role as beg a main character. 5. William thinks that Mr.Tom will whip him like his mother did. Chapter 2:

1.Blackouts are things that are used to blocked the window and they are black curtains. 2.The war I think is being fought and the book is set out side of London. 3. William brings in his bag was a belt and letter from his mom saying he is a bad boy. 4. Mr.Tom tells the story of Noah’s Ark and wanted a bible story. 5. Mr.Tom gets angry and William loses a lot of confidence and shows him his bruises. 6.William sleeps in the attic.

7. Mr.Tom is not so fond because of the letter that Willies mom gave him.

Chapter 3:
1. He becomes sick because of his stomach and thinks hes dead. 2. To hide his brownses
3. Because Willie cant write.
4. The food wasn’t digesting so he prescribed easier more healthier food and drinks for him. 5. The Millers are the owners of the grocery shop.
Chapter 4:
1. Willie purchased candy and a magazine. It was hard to pick because he couldn’t read well. 2. They measure your body and get you material to make clothes. 3. He chooses a green type of color and i think they are going to make pants from it. 4. Braces are suspenders that help old up your pants.

5. Boots and pajamas are purchased.
6. Because his wife used to paint before she died.
7. Because Tom is a very shy sheltered person from public. 8. Because Sammy the dog used to do it and he is not used to sleeping in a bed. Chapter 5:
1. Mrs. Fletcher brings a book for him.
2. Willie got...
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