Goodman Company

Topics: Shift work, Employment, Leadership Pages: 3 (850 words) Published: November 25, 2012
Case Analysis: Goodman Company

Problem Statement
How did the sudden adoption of a newly conceived production process, aimed at increasing efficiency, affect the performance of workers at Goodman Company? How come some workers thrived while others buckled under the new system? Analysis

The president of the company sought to hire a production analyst so as to increase efficiency at the plant. He viewed their future to be promising if they could keep up production to meet increased demands. •Ann Bennet, the new production analyst, chose to streamline the process, whereby work was broken down according to tasks, hoping to make it more efficient. •The shift supervisors were not involved in Ms. Benett’s and the president’s plan. They were more or less given orders to implement the new plan effective immediately, thereby not taking into account problems on the floor, or issues workers or supervisors had with the plan. Had they been involved in the planning stages, they could have communicated the pros and cons of adopting the new plan. •As a result, each shift accepted and reacted to the change differently. •The new plan was poorly implemented within the 1st shift. They were resistant to adapt to change as most workers on this shift were long time employees in their 50s. Their supervisor had been with the company a very long time. He continued to approach his job the same way he did ever since he started there. He also seemed to be ready to wind down and spent a lot of time researching his ideal retirement location. There was considerable disappointment among workers over the company not sharing profits, as they believed they were more productive than the other shifts. The employees in the 1st shift did not enjoy camaraderie outside work. They went their separate ways after work. The new plan required teamwork to be successful. These employees worked independently prior to the transition and did not understand sharing responsibilities. Additionally no...
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