Goodfellas Shot Analysis

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  • Published : March 7, 2013
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Victoria Chapa (vc6987)
RTF 317- Chayt
Goodfellas Shot Analysis
The shots presented in the clip of, Goodfellas help imply how tense and annoyed Henry Hill was in the scene during the double date. Even so, these emotions were implied through mise-en-scene and sound. Henry’s discomfort was visually displayed through his body language as he sat right next to Karen. The setting of the busy, sophisticated restaurant included dimmed lighting, romantic music and Tommy and Henry with their “dates”. The restaurant was meant to be romantic and enjoyable for couples to enjoy but despite the elegant surrounding, it was evident Henry was not enjoying the moment. Henry’s commentary in the beginning of the scene gave the audience a slight introduction of what to expect of the date by expressing how much he didn’t want to be there. Furthermore, as he kept insisting to leave and his internal narrative depicted the same. Other sounds of the scene included background noise of the restaurant which was overlapped with Henry assertions to pay early. By introducing Henry’s date, Karen, and her internal thoughts, it implied how she also noticed his habits and the displeasure he had. The shots presented proved a display of irritated emotions and create the early bond he will have with Karen. To conclude, the scene was established to present the theme of the unhealthy relationship he will later on with Karen. The scene was grouped together through mise-en-scene and sound and carried out one of the many powerful themes the relationship between the couple. This scene played a role in showing how Henry’s relationship with Karen will be an important objective in the movie.
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