Goodbye, My Friend

Topics: Poetry, Suicide, Rhyme Pages: 2 (682 words) Published: February 8, 2013
Sergei Alexandrovich Yesenin (21 Septembe1895 – 28 December 1925) was a Russian lyrical poet . He was one of the most popular and well known Russian poet of the 20th century.His first book of poems ,Ritual for the dead( Radunitsa in Russian)was published in 1916 .Together with Anatoly Marienhof, they founded Russian literary movement of imaginism.Imaginists created poetry based on sequences of arresting and uncommon images. They widely used metaphors, sometimes producing long chains of them in their poems.He also took part in World War I.He is also known for his dramatic suicide.Yesenin suffered from alcoholism,experienced a mental breakdown and was hospitalized for a month .Almost immediately after his release , he hanged himself from the heating pipes in his room . Before committing suicide, Sergei Yesenin wrote a poem in his own blood.

Goodbye, my friend, goodbye
My love, you are in my heart.
It was preordained we should part
And be reunited by and by.
Goodbye, my friend, without pens or words.: no handshake to endure. Let's have no sadness — furrowed brow.
There's nothing new in dying now
Though living is no newer.

Death is inevitable.Death is tragic .Death is also an escape from reality and from deep sorrow for some people . Death of a loved one leaves a deep imprint on your mind and soul forever. Different people have different perspective towards death . Some embrace it and some abhor it . Some are strong and some are weak in the face of death. Death not only affects the person who died but also his friends and family .Yesenin's farewell poem , shows that he understands how deep a impact his death will have on his friends and family . Rather than writing about the mental anguish he was obviously going through he chose to write comforting words for his friends.He was at peace with his decision and the actions he was about to take, his disturbed mind was widely searching for peace which could only be found through death yet he had...
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