Good Worker vs. Good Looks

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  • Published : April 21, 2013
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Good Worker vs. Good Looks
Cohen’s argument that hiring based looks is wrong. His argument states that hiring based on looks is okay and thats the way employees should be chosen. I think that people shouldn’t be hired based on looks but hired based on their skill and ability to get the job done. I think its discriminating, unfair, and wrong. Ultimately, no I don’t agree with Cohen’s argument that people should be hired based on image.

Hiring based on looks is discriminating in the way that people cant change who they are and how they look. Those people who didn’t “fit the standards” would be hurt emotionally. They would have self-esteem issues because the are constantly being turned down from a job because they “aren’t pretty enough”. People who have the looks would be accepted even if they didn’t have the skill to do the job. They are technically being paid to, as they say, stand around and look pretty.

Another reason why I disagree with Cohen’s argument is because its wrong and it gives people wrong ideas. Id say its wrong because because if jobs only hired their employees based on their image, then they wouldn’t be worried about getting an education and wouldn’t take school seriously. Why wouldn’t they you ask? It would be because they technically wouldn’t need an education to get a job. School wouldn’t be peoples priority. They wont gain the skill that they need to actually DO the job.

There are many, like me, that disagree with Cohen’s argument, but there are also many who agree with him. People may agree with him because to them it may be more “appealing to the eye” to walk into a store and have attractive people walking around the store all the time. How appealing would it be if your sales clerk didn’t know what she was doing and made you pay extra or gave you less cash back then what you were supposed to get all because she couldn’t calculate or use a cash register. Think about it.

On another note, there are many reasons as to why I don’t agree...
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