Good Will Hunting and Psychology

Topics: Psychology, Rational emotive behavior therapy, Emotion Pages: 2 (643 words) Published: April 24, 2013
''Good Will Hunting'' is about a brilliant man named Will Hunting who is a janitor at one of the best universities around. One day while Will was cleaning the building he looked at one of the math class’s bulletin board with very difficult problems that no one could do, but he was able. So Will answered the problem anonymously. The University finally did find who answered the problems and the professor of the math class found him in jail, the professor made an agreement with the judge that he could be released if he went to therapy. During therapy the movie goes through many psychology terms that we learned in class. In this paper you will read some of the most important terms from the movie. Hypnosis

Throughout the movie Will is forced to see many therapists. One of the therapist Will sees is a hypnotist and during his therapy season Will begins to mock the hypnotist by saying ridiculous things and singing.The purpose of hypnosis is to relax someone into an altered state of consciousness so that the one being hypnotized unconscious mind is change into what the person wants to become conscious. Rational-Emotive Behavior Therapy

Rational emotive behavior therapy is when a therapist challenges the client's irrational feelings and tries to teach the client to alternate their beliefs and feelings with more peaceful ones. Towards the end of the movie there is an emotional scene when Robin Williams is speaking to Will and Robin shows Will a folder with all of his childhood physical abuse papers. Robin know that he still had emotional trouble with dealing with his childhood but Robin did not let it go. Robin continually told Will that "it wasn't his fault" until he cried. I believe that this was a form of rational emotive behavior therapy Robin challenged Wills emotions to hopeful bring peace to Wills unfortunate childhood. Multiple Approach Avoidance

In chapter 12 we learn about multiple approach avoidance which is when there are several opportunities and only...
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