Good Will Hunting Analysis

Topics: Family, Foster care, Attachment theory Pages: 5 (1863 words) Published: June 8, 2011
Will Hunting is a 20 year old man who works as a janitor at MIT. He was a Caucasian man who lived in a poor economic neighborhood in south Boston, Massachusetts. He is also an Irish catholic man. His foster father was an alcoholic and he always came home drunk looking to abuse someone. Will provoked his foster father so he wouldn't hurt his mother or brothers. Will's foster father used to abuse Will when he was a child with a wrench. Will is currently separated from his parents and family. The only family he has are his best friends which he claims to be his brothers. He lives on his own and spends his time with his best friends. Will's friends describe him as a genius. Some of Will's psychologists might describe him as a crazy lunatic. Will Hunting plays the role of a smart, genius-level intellect who chooses to work in construction instead of a higher paying job he could get in to.

I think Will's prenatal life was normal and healthy, because he is a genius and intellectual man. Information about his mother would be helpful to understand Will's prenatal life. If the mother was healthy or not during pregnancy would help me understand Will. His temperament was high reactive because he was alarmed of new experiences and he would also draw back from certain situations. When his girlfriend asked him to move to California with him, he was alarmed by this situation and started talking about how his job and home was in south Boston and couldn't just leave. He wasn't comfortable with this idea and immediately withdrew from this situation. He had an insecure attachment with his mother and father. He was not provided with a sense of security and therefore had problems in his future with exploring the environment he lives in. He had many psychological problems in his life and had to see many psychologists about it. He did not have a stable mother or father as a child and was taken to many foster homes without the proper parenting style used. His caregivers were inconsistent and did not meet his needs. The parenting style used in his foster homes was most likely authoritarian, because he showed a frightened, remote, and disobedient personality. Whenever he was comfortable in a position, he would hesitate or avoid new experiences. Caregivers were high in control and showed low responsiveness and warmth for him. He was comfortable in many situations but was then disliked experiencing new situations. Information about how he behaved more in his foster homes would be helpful to better understand him. When Will provoked his foster father, he would get abused by him. Will was an only a child but he understood well enough to protect his mother and brother. His foster father would come home drunk and he would look for someone to hurt. He didn't want him going after his mother and brother, so he would provoke him and get him mad at himself instead.

Will's role in his id is his choice to get into neighborhood fights when problems he had in the past with others. His hate, and anger from the past with another bully made him want to assault the man without even thinking of the consequences of his actions. He did it for his immediate satisfaction for his anger. He has the brain of a genius and he decides to get into fights with people he doesn't like. As a result, he is sent to a court trial and they decide to put him in jail. Will's ego allows him to see a psychologist and listen to what he has to say. He chooses to go through with this even though he doesn't want to and feels he doesn't need it because if it part of his deal to keep out of jail. If he doesn't go through with this, then he knows he will be sent back to jail. His superego makes him stand up to his father. He chose to provoke his father and believed it was the right thing to do to protect his mother and brother. He had to provoke his father, when his father came home drunk in order to keep his father away from his mother, and brother. He believed this was the right thing to do...
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