Good Will Hunting

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  • Published : April 5, 2011
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Good Will Hunting

Good Will Hunting is an unusual character portrait of a self-taught genius named Will Hunting, who grew up as an orphan in South Boston, suffered abuse at the hands of his foster father and engaged in gang violence because of his rough upbringing as a child. Will is a mathematical genius with a photographic memory but struggles to find his place in the world. Will works as a school janitor at M.I.T, one of the prestigious technical universities around, while working, he delights in anonymously proving theorems on the math building's hall blackboards. One evening, his secrecy was shattered when Professor Lambeau catches him at work solving a math problem that took him two years to solve. Will flees, but Lambeau tracks him down. Unfortunately, by the time the professor finds him, Will was in jail for assaulting a police officer. The judge agrees to release Will under two conditions; that he spend one day a week meeting with Lambeau and that he spend one day a week meeting with a therapist. Eventually, once several psychologists have rejected the belligerent young man, Sean McGuire, a teacher at Bunker Hill Community College, agrees to take the case. After a shaky start, the two form a bond and Will begins to explore issues and emotions he had hidden in the past. Good Will Hunting is a fascinating movie that shows a connection between intelligence, education and class through plot and character interaction. In the movie, intelligence is a very valued concept. Will is a very intelligent young man who comes from a working class neighbourhood and spends a lot of time reading books and storing information in his photographic memory. Wills friends are aware of his gift and although they don’t always show it they all want Will to do the best he can in life. An example of this in the movie is where Chuckie (Will’s best friend) says to Will that if he doesn’t leave South Boston and make the most of his intelligence he will kill him. “You got...
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