Good Will Hunting

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  • Published : November 4, 2001
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critique of "good will hunting"

A studious young man, an open book these two images swirl around the screen in a kaleidoscope effect, this was the introductory scene of "Good Will Hunting." This scene is followed by Ben Afflick, knocking on Will's door, when Will comes out a credit rolls by that says, "screenplay written by Ben Afflick and Matt Damon," just as the two walk side by side. This shows how perfectly the makers of this movie have everything timed, down to the credits. Also, the timing shows when the professor's assistant and Will are alone and the assistant tells Will how lucky he is to have someone believe in him as the professor does. Just as he finishes saying this the professor walks in and suddenly the assistant has something better to do than just sit there so he gets up and leaves. The cinematography in this movie is good, as right of way the viewer of this movie knows Will lives in one of the poorer sections of Boston, as his front yard is cluttered with junk and the look of the neighborhood surrounding his house is anything but colorful. The neighborhood looks gray and drab. Also, one of the many settings is a local bar which has the look of a neighborhood bar with Christmas type lights strung and normal looking people filling the place. Another setting is a Harvard classroom and a community college classroom. In the Harvard classroom the students appear to be attentive, clean cut, well dressed, and enthusiastic, while the students in the community classroom are barely awake, dressed grubby, and aren't grasping what the professor is saying. The camera angles in this movie are as effective as the set appearance. When Will is trying to solve a formula he writes his work on his mirror with a dry erase marker. The camera blurs out will and focuses on the formula and also does the opposite. While writing the formula out, the shots fade to the same shot but at a different angle creating a feeling that some time is passing by. Also, to support...
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