Good Will Hunting

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This movie is based on the character Will Hunting who works at MIT, a prestigious University, as a janitor. He endured an extremely rough childhood as an orphan. Whilst working one day Will stops and puzzles out a math problem written on a blackboard that had been left for the graduate students to solve, but none could accomplish it. upon seeing this Professor Lambeau discovers Will’s limitless intelligence and decides to bail him out of jail for his crime of assault, on the terms that he will meet with him once a week to study maths, and meet with a therapist once a week. He is reluctant to see a therapists, but he out plays and outwits five, who quit as they can’t handle him tearing their lives apart and taunting them. He is assigned to a therapist named Sean Maguire who is able to develop and understanding of the complexities of his personality, and has a strong impact on his life. The audience develops an understanding of the brilliance of Wills Mind. Throughout the movie we see Will’s struggle to understand that it is “not you’re (his) fault” that he acts the way he does.


Characterisation is a set of complex techniques that are employed in order to exemplify a characters personality and traits to the viewer. This technique is used efficiently in the movie Good Will Hunting to convey the characters, Will hunting, Sean Maguire and Professor Lambeau.

Will hunting has a photographic memory, he is a genius and his intellectual boundaries are unreachable. He solves complex maths problems in one night that a team of scholars took years to prove. He exploits his extreme intelligence and knowledge of the law to argue his innocence in the presence of a judge. “I am afforded the right to speak at my own defence sir, by the constitution of the united states this is the same document that guarantees my liberty. Our liberty in case you’ve forgotten is the souls right to breathe.” When he is assigned to...
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