Good Will Hunting

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  • Published : July 27, 2012
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The movie Good Will Hunting is a one dealing with intellectual diversity and psychological issues. A young man working in an elite college solves a mathematical theory that has taken professors years to accomplish. His genius is finally discovered after much anonymity and a professor at this college wants to encourage the young man, Will Hunting, to use his abilities to the fullest, and go on to use it for good. Unbeknownst to the faculty that is pushing him to success, Will is being held back by his emotional hang-ups, and a haunting past.

As we learned, there are many kinds and many levels of intelligence. While Will wasn't necessarily tested for his ability or aptitude in the movie, it is apparent he has a natural gift. One might assume he is a savant, as he had no formal upbringing and wasn't pushed to learn math. We might use this fact in a nature vs. nurture discussion. There was no nurturing in Will's case, so it would seem that this gift has occurred naturally. His upbringing had no noticeable encouragement to his successes.

Along with his mathematical genius came emotional walls. It was discovered through his social life with his friends and particularly his love life that he was very defensive and on guard of his emotions and his peers. He ends up meeting and eventually exclusively dating a woman named Skylar, and when she wants to take their relationship to a higher level, he becomes defensive and aggresive. He doesn't want her to know about his past, and when she pushes to know, he leaves her. He is fearful that this step will reveal himself, and he is not proud of what his past has turned him into, so he abandons the relationship. Will is denying and repressing thoughts and feelings of his past and will not let him, let alone a woman, remind himself of it.

Will succumbs to seeing a therapist...or 2, or 5. However, he is finally seen by one psychologist Sean Maguire, and he is emotionally pushed and challenged, as is Sean in the very...
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