Good Versus Bad Priests

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  • Published : April 27, 2013
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The Good Priests are Never Forgotten
What does it take to be a good priest? How can you differentiate good priests from bad priests? Are both the Friar and Parson as loyal as Father Flynn? John C. Flynn “the people’s priest” was a great man, helping and devoting his life to the people of the Bronx. In The Canterbury Tales you have two characters, the Friar and Parson, who are both committed to the church, but they find ways to benefit themselves more than the people. There are some ways in which you can compare and contrast the priest with the two clerical characters. Father Flynn is a very beloved man; he was joyful, pleasure loving, well spoken, and socially agreeable just like the Friar. John C. Flynn was very popular and had connections with several people around the country. They would both accept lots of donations. Some differences are that Father Flynn was raised in a middle class family, while the Friar lived in poverty. The Friar was very good at bargaining with people. He would hear their confessions and relieve them of their sin in return for donations. Father Flynn would pay attention to everyone no matter what class, but the Friar would ignore the beggars and impoverished people because they could not help him. Lastly, despite the Friar being poor he was able to dress richly and live a quite wealthy life because of his bribery. Father Flynn was very faithful and never committed fraud with anyone’s money. There are two things Father Flynn loved most and they were preaching and helping the needy. The Parson is another man who enjoyed preaching and instructing his parishioners. Father Flynn and the Parson would travel miles to visit the public and people in poverty. Both Father Flynn and the Parson preached in towns of poverty. They are both dedicated to the church, Father Flynn’s only day off from the church would be on Mondays to go play golf, which was his only other hobby other than preaching. The parson did not think there was time to do anything...
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