Good to Great Team Report: Confront the Brutal Facts

Topics: James Stockdale, Grocery store, Safeway Inc. Pages: 4 (1574 words) Published: April 27, 2011
This chapter begins with talking about two great companies, the Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company and Kroger. These companies were and excellent choice because their example perfectly models the exact point that the chapter is trying to get a cross. This chapter has several very important points that can help lead a company from good to great. We will discuss these points in detail and explain how they are useful and why. We will also relate these points to both A&P and Kroger to show which company used these points effectively and which did not.

The chapter dives right into the concept of confronting the brutal facts within your company. This is hard for some people because the facts are not always something you want to hear, but they are vital to turning your good company into a great one. The first point to be made in regards to confronting the brutal facts is that decisions need to be based on facts. As is says in the title you are confronting the brutal FACTS, so that means you have to actually have facts. In order to have facts a company must do research. Facts don’t just fall out of thin air they are found. There are a number of different ways to find your facts such as customer surveys, focus groups, trial applications in small select segments of a market. After conducting the studies you must take the information and analyze it. Your analysis will lead you to the brutal facts you are searching for. If you don’t have these facts to base decisions on then you are just making blind decisions based on intuition. The chapter discusses how intuition alone will not lead to great decisions. No matter how much experience you have you intuition will only lead you so far, facts will lead you to the top. Now what do you do after you have your facts?

Once you have found the facts you need to act on them. The brutal facts are only helpful if you actually use them or otherwise you have just wasted your time. What this means is when the facts tell you what is...
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